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'The Contortionist' Limited Edition Print –– Hila Angelica

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Hila Angelica is a multidisciplinary artist, also a part of the music and art collective UNDER MY FEET, living and working in London.

Her work is a mix of eclectic images, melancholic tales, and surreal symbolism. She produces work that transcends beyond one genre, broadening her field of vision into collage-making, photography, graphic art, and tattooing. 


Inspired by nostalgia, pain, eroticism, bodies, sexuality, and music/sound; Hila Angelica's creative process starts very spontaneously depending on what she wants to create.

 Angelica finds all her imagery either in postcards, old magazines and books, photos she has taken, and things found around the house. 

After collecting, scanning, and printing the imagery, she will then rip it apart and re-assemble it driven by her emotions and moods. Her work is delicate and harsh, bitter and sweet... Angelica says "as the creator, it embodies me in many different ways, both intentionally and through the subconscious act of working within different emotional states. My work is a constant exploration of myself." 

Her work incorporates gritty pixelated collage mixed with detail ornamental elements, making a beautiful juxtaposition.