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SOUR –– Subs Publishing

SOUR –– Subs Publishing

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I. Having an acid taste like lemon or vinegar.
II. Feeling or expressing resentment, disappointment or anger.
III. (Of Soil) deficient in lime and usually dank.
IV. (Of Petroleum or natural gas) containing a relatively high proportion of sulphur.
V. A drink made by mixing a spirit with lemon or lime juice.
VI. To make something unpleasant, acrimonious or difficult.

Sour is a collaborative photography book featuring twenty artists. The book is centred around using mixed media and smartphone based content. The familiar elements of the instantaneous smartphone camera, introspective notes app and revealing message screenshots create a modern chronicle that amounts to far more than idle digital chatter. Featuring content by Thomas Tyler, Alexander Gross, Hannah Osbourne, Tommy Keenan, Phillipa Douglas, Noah Fisher, Rebecca Reed, David Maughan, Rebecca McBride, Simon Leeks, Vigoe, Josie Broom, Oscar Perry, Maria Ferrie, Edmund English, Jade Sweeting, Grace Brennan, Bianca Scout, Olisa Osanakpo and Sam Telford.

The book is printed in high quality full colour.

96 pages.
14.8cm x 18cm

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