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Reimagining the Nature of Work –– Out of Office Network

Reimagining the Nature of Work –– Out of Office Network

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A collective reimagining for a more joyful, nourishing, and regenerative culture of work 🌀🌱🐚

In a world where the conventional "9-5 until you retire" paradigm often prioritises productivity over human connection, this magazine serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a more balanced and fulfilling work experience. Recognising the detrimental impact of burnout and disconnection in today's workforce, it advocates for a collective reimagining of work that prioritises creative well-being and human flourishing.

In this 70-page magazine you will find essays, activities, self-reflection, and tools that follow a four-step process, delving into:

  • The pitfalls of contemporary linear work models and their role in collective burnout and the potential for new models that respect the different seasons of our lives and rhythms of our days.

  • Rituals and practices enabling organisations, teams, and individuals to transition towards an inspired, trusted, and joy-filled work-life and environment.

  • Unpacking the lessons we can draw from ecosystems like mycelium and forests as ways to provide a social support system

  • Ways to liberate ourselves from societal expectations and redefine success based on personal values, rather than dictated norms.

  • Practical design principles to shape a fresh work culture, providing both guidance and guardrails for this journey and a shared vision for the future

Use this magazine for yourself. Use it collectively. Use it with your teams and organisations.

Size: A5
Materials: FSC Certified paper
Finishing: Soft Cover Uncoated
Printing: Lithoprinted in the UK
Perfect bound

Published by Alice Katter

Bree Groff, Lori Abichandani, Matt Sim, Victoria Stoyanova

Interviewees + additional contributors:
Avital Shernoff, Matthew Knight, Jenessa Gerber, Jenna Barone Bel, Johanna Guggenberger, Shuya Gong, Thomas Winkelmann, UME Collective, The Now Work, Andy Ng, Nicole Moore, Dustin Studelska, John Mikulenka + Eleanor Updegraff (Edit), Martika Vilar (Design)

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